Blue Dragon Tattoo

Blue little dragon tattoo, he looks so adorable!

Candy Girl

This girl in a candy-stripe dress is so cute and kawaii! I've never seen this character before, maybe the artist drew this tattoo from his imagination?

Angel's Heart

This huge heart with the angel wings and the halo, looks very interesting. Very vivid colors. I can see this tat working either for a guy or a girl.

Yummy Cupcakes Tattoo

Totally yummy! Sweet and colorful cupcake tattoo. I love the colors and the awesome shading. So well done :)

Lucky Butterfly-Scull Tattoo

What an interesting design! A butterfly-scull, (or is it a scull-butterfly?) in a tall hat with a shamrock for luck. I wonder what's the story behind this cute tattoo?

Sad Little Critter

I'm not quite sure what this little critter is. A puppy? A kitty? Still, it's cute and shiny. Too bad it's so sad :(

Sonic the Hedgehog Tattoo

A very colorful Sonic-the-Hedgehog tattoo! I love the colors and the detail, it's amazingly cute :)

Maneki Neko - Lucky Tattoo

Here's Maneki Neko, a Japanese welcoming cat that brings you luck and prosperity. Isn't he a darling?

Sweet Ball of Kitten

Probably my favorite type of tattoos are ones of cute kittens. Look at this sweet baby, he's so sweet and fluffy. Kawaii!

Colorful Peacock Sleeve

Check this out! Very cute and realistic looking sleeve tattoo of a colorful peacock. Simply beautiful.

Super Realistic Tarantula

This Tarantula spider tattoo looks very realistic! On first glance it's just like a real spider on her arm. Cute, scary and totally AWESOME!
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