Cupcake (Life is Sweet)

Life is sweet? For the owner of this tattoo it probably is! Check out the vivid colors, the great shading and the detailing. Sweet tattoo!!

Sweet Little Kitten

Aww! What an adorable little kitten!! Isn't he the cutest thing? Don't you just want to pet and cuddle it?

Chick magnet? Oh yeah.

Beautiful Peacock

Would you look at this peacock tattoo. Such vivid colors, this is amazingly beautiful.

Adorable Cheburashka

This kawaii tattoo features Cheburashka, a Russian cartoon character created in the sixties.

Several years ago Cheburashka became quite popular in Japan too, where he's known as Chebu. Isn't he the cutest thing ever?

Scaredy Daisy Flower

This little daisy flower isn't a character I'm familiar with, but it is so adorably cute. Awesome tattoo!

Fantasia Mickey Mouse

Would you look at that, an old-style Mickey Mouse tattoo, straight from the Fantasia film!

Is this Funshine Bear?

Aww, a Care Bear tattoo, so cute!

This bear looks a lot like Funshine Bear, but is it really him? Funshine Bear usually has a smiling yellow sun on his belly, but this Care Bear's tummy has no sign at all...

Pinkish Scull and Bones

Oh my, an unlucky scull-and-bones tattoo. So pretty. Kawaii to boot.

Scary Dunny Bunny

This scary little fellow looks a lot like them Dunny dolls, no?

I wonder whether it's fashioned after an actual doll...

Rugrats Chuck

What do we have here? It's Chuck from Rugrats!

I'm not a huge fan of Nickelodeon, some of their cartoons have this rather ugly drawing style. Rugrats is a great show anyway. And Chuck is the cutest baby of the bunch.

Cupcake Tattoo with Cherry

Here's a sweet looking cupcake tattoo with cute little hearts and a cherry on top!

Hello Kitty Ballerina

A Hello Kitty ballerina tattoo, cute as a button!

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