Pretty Kitty Tattoo with Green Eye

Pretty kitty tattoo
Elegant and lovely cat tattoo - love it!

The cat looks vaguely familiar, so it might be a well known cartoon character, but I'm not sure. I admire the kitty's elegant lines and sparking green-yellow eye. What a delightful tattoo to have!

Ladybug on a Leaf - Cute Tattoo

Pretty ladybug shoulder tattoo
Totally adorable and realistic ladybug tattoo. I love it, this tat is both realistic and looks like an oil painting. Awesome skills!

Cute Knife Girl Tattoo

Cute tattoo character with a knife
This tattoo features an unknown cute character, with crazy eyes and a knife hidden behind her back. Scary? Kind of. Kawaii? Definitely!

Fantasy Monsters Colorful Tattoo

chest piece tattoo, weird fantasy scene
I'm not too sure what's going on in this kawaii tattoo... There's a dragon monster and a bunch of smaller monsters fighting/fleeing it? The aesthetics, colorfulness and fantasy feel of the background are wonderful.

The little yellow monster looks like it's about to swallow a nipple :)
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